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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the limit on Striped Bass at Lake Texoma?

A. The limit for Striped Bass at Lake Texoma is 10 per person. 2 of those 10 can be over 20 inches in length. There is no minimum length limit.

Q. If we catch other species of fish. Will you let us keep them as well. 

A. Yes. It is very common to catch multiple species of fish during your day of Striper fishing. If it is legal. And you would like to keep it. I will be happy to fillet it for you at the end of the day. 

Q. What boat will we be fishing out of?

A. My business has 2 full time striper guides/boats. We will be fishing out of a well equipped brand new 2015 model 27ft. Charger Pro Guide Series Center Console with a 2015 model 300 horsepower 4 stroke engine. 

This boat was custom built to give us more room and a smoother, dryer, more comfortable ride.Lake Texoma can get rough and this big boat is fantastic in rough water. 


Q. How long does a striper fishing trip last?

A. Typical striper guide trips last up to 5 hours or until we limit out. The 5 hours does not count the time I spend catching bait before you show up or the time spent cleaning your catch after the trip.

Q. Is there a restroom on the boat?

A. There is no restroom on the boat. At anytime you need to go to the dock for a break. It is your trip. Your day. I will take you there no problem.  

Q. I like to fish with my own fishing rods. Is it ok if i bring my own?

A. I use Swedish made Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 and 6500 reels with 7′ med action Ugly Stick rods. They are absolutely one of the best combos for Striper fishing Lake Texoma. However if you have a favorite or favorites. I will be happy to rig it for you and let you catch away on your own rod/rods.

Q. I hesitated to post this question but it gets asked more than any other…..Is it OK to drink a few beers on my fishing trip?

A. It is your trip. Your money. Your day. I do not mind at all if you sip a few cold brews while enjoying your day on beautiful Lake Texoma.

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