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Here is a physical address to type into any GPS/Navigation or MapQuest on your computer. It will get you ALMOST to the marina where the Catfish Bay Striper Guide Dock is located. FROM this point. Continue on State Park Road until you see a green/white sign that says CATFISH BAY GUIDES with an arrow pointing to the FLOATING BIG BLUE BUILDING which is the marina.

Our striper guide docks are there.

You can park by the main dock that goes to the marina.

Walk down the dock toward the marina and turn right just before the store.

This is where I will be waiting to take you fishing. 

11866 State Park Rd

Kingston, OK 73439

Coming from Oklahoma City


Take I-35 South past Ardmore to the Hwy 70 exit. Take Hwy 70 East thru Madill and Kingston.


As you enter the Texoma Lake area on Hwy 70, the Texoma State Park and Lodge will be located on the

south side of the Hwy just before the Roosevelt Bridge which goes over Lake Texoma.


After turning by the Catfish Bay Gas Station, (BEFORE THE BRIDGE) There will be signs

pointing you to the Catfish Bay striper guide dock.


The big blue floating building marks the spot. You can park on either side of the road.

Even next to the “No Parking” signs. I promise. It is okay.

Coming From Durant

(69/75): Take Hwy 70 West from Durant thru Mead.


Continue West and you will enter theLake Texoma Area passing the Willow Springs and Johnson Creek areas.


Continue West across the Roosevelt Bridge and the lake.


After crossing the bridge, you will see the Texoma State Park and Lodge at the top of the hill. You will turn left here.


After turning. Continue down and follow the signs to the Catfish Bay striper guide Dock.

Directions from SH-177

177 South to the stop sign in the town of Dickson.

Turn left on to OK-199 South/US-177South 15.9 miles.

Here SH-177 turns to SH-70East.

Stay on SH-70 East about 14 miles. 

Turn right just before the Roosevelt Bridge at the big Catfish Bay sign. 

Follow this road South until you see the signs pointing you to

the Catfish Bay striper guide Dock.

(The big blue building floating on the water marks the spot)

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