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LAKE TEXOMA FISHING LICENSE……(see licensing page for details)

FOOD/SNACKS/DRINKS…..It’s always nice to not be hungry or over thirsty while out on the water. Especially if you have chosen to bring youngsters along. I know from experience that a cooler full of snacks will keep the kids out longer than anything.

WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHING……This is the main thing that I see day in and day out that keep fisherman from being able to fully enjoy the day out. During cooler months I  suggest to dress for the low. Even though the high may be 70. You could have 35 degree air when we head out at daylight. Dress in layers. Take off clothing as it warms. You won’t regret it. 


NOTE: In any weather that you would NOT go swimming in. I suggest “waterproofing” yourself.  Over spray from waves can make you very uncomfortable as well as cold during winter months. 

RAIN GEAR…..Whether it’s going to rain or not. Bring rain gear during cool months if the wind is forecasted to be anymore than 10 mph. Over spray from rogue waves can make you very cold if you are not dressed for it. Texoma is a big body of water and the waves can get pretty tall. There are times where we need to travel across those big rollers to get where we need to be.

You don’t want to be cold and wet in December. Believe me.

A rain coat/pants and some cheap rubber boots will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the waves throw at us.!

CAMERA/PHONE/CAMCORDER…….Don’t forget to bring a charged phone, camera, etc. along to catch those memories as they happen. If needed. Ask me for a gallon Ziploc BEFORE heading out. You can put your things in it to keep them dry no matter what.

ICE CHEST/COOLER…….After we take our end of day pic. I will fillet and bag your catch.

You will want something keep the bags of fillets cold and on ice until you can get them home.

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