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 * When you book a fishing trip, I reserve that date for you no matter what.  If you cancel your trip, then I do not make a paycheck for that day,  or in some cases, even that week.  It also means that I turned down a client who was willing to show up and fish on that day. 

*If you reschedule outside of 10 days from your trip.I will move your  deposit over to the new date.  

*Rescheduling within 5 days of your trip will be handled the same as a cancellation and deposit will be non-refundable.  

*All cancellations are non-refundable. 

* Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable.

*Any no show or cancellation within 24 hours of our start time will be billed the full price of the trip. 



“Safety is my #1 concern. In cases where I feel that our safety may be jeopardized. I will cancel the trip without hesitation.”

 *In most cases. There is no way to tell what exactly Mother Nature will bring us until the day of our trip. I will be the one to decide if  the weather is un-fishable. This decision will be most likely be made at the dock. The morning of. 

 *In the event of a mechanical issue. I will notify you as soon as possible and give you the choice to reschedule or go on your reserved date with one of the other trusted guides that I work with each day.  

*I keep a very close watch on weather and wind conditions. There are occasions that a grim forecast is inevitable. In these cases, I will call you prior to your reserved date, and discuss  the possibility of rescheduling.

Extreme winds. Normally when winds start pushing 25 mph, the lake is getting very sketchy. (Moderate wind to even strong winds. We will fish.) 
*Lightning. In the event of lightning strikes, we will head in, not go out, or wait out the storm before going out. (This is one of those judgement calls while we are there.)

*Extreme cold and wind throughout the day. Days where the temps will not climb above freezing make fishing very miserable as well as unsafe. We will typically not fish on days like these.

NOTE: We will fish in cold, heat, wind, and rain.
These are not factors that make a trip unproductive or unsafe.

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