I HAVE A NO ROCK AND DOCK POLICY!!!!!…… This is the ABSOLUTE #1 complaint I hear from others who are hesitant to

book with a Lake Texoma Striper Guide or have had a bad experience.   Your hard earned money does not deserve to be thrown

at a 1 hour fishing trip. If the fishing is that good. And we pull an early limit . I WILL keep you out. I will do my best to give you at least 4 hours on the water. There are always exceptions.  But I will try my best to honor this policy under normal conditions. 

When you book a trip with Crosswinds Striper Guide Service. You fish with me. Not someone I “farmed” the trip out to

Or another guide who works for me. You won’t get the old “switch-a-roo” when a bigger group comes along. You call me.

You get me.  I am owner/operator. I take great pride in building my business and being sure that my clients are taken care

of in a way that I feel can only be done by myself. 


I will ALWAYS act in a professional/courteous manner….You do not have to worry that you ,your family, friends, or children will be treated with anything but the highest respect.

I am not grumpy, uncharismatic, or burned out…You will have fun in my boat. I will interact and never treat it like another

day at the office. After all. I LOVE FISHING!! 

I provide all equipment necessary for a successful day on the water….Rods, reels, all bait, lures and equipment are provided.

I would never dream of charging you for lost tackle or gear…… I have seen where striper guides charge for lost equipment

and even have a price list set for lost rods/reels/hooks/lures, etc. Things like that happen. We lose tackle every day.

Fish break lines. Lines get hung on bottom.  Rods get lost. Its just part of fishing every day. 

I am one of a  short list of striper guides who will remove the red meat out of your striper fillets. 

When I’m done with your fillets. They will be ready for hot grease. You should not have to clean your

fillets because your guide would not do it….The red meat on  a striper fillet is actually a blood line that gives it

a very “gamey” taste. When removed. Striped Bass taste as  great as it gets. If not removed…Well you just may quit 

eating fish all together!…..Most guides won’t offer this because it adds quite a bit of time to an already long day. I know because 

I regretfully used to not include it. But in order to say that I will give you 110%. This was something hat I felt must be done.

I will be as informative and instructive as you would like me to be…..My passion for striper fishing is evident. You may just

be sorry you asked. I love talking fishing!!!

I will be 100% ready to fish when you board the boat.This means that my rods will be rigged. Fresh shad will be

caught that morning. And the proper number of seats/life jackets will be on board…… Your time should be spent

fishing. Not watching me catch shad or rig the rods up.  

I will take you to the place that I feel is your best shot at a successful day of Striper fishing reguardless

of how far it is or how much fuel we will burn….$100.00 a day in boat fuel is very common for me on Lake Texoma.

We will do whatever it takes and go wherever it takes.

As my client. You are always welcome to call me or shoot me a text if you are coming down to fish the lake

on your own and would like some helpful info….. I understand that hiring a guide can be costly and you

cant do it every time you want to go striper fishing. My knowledge is there for you. Just ask.