"You have been searching all over the internet..... Finally you  found what you are looking for.........A guide with a reputation for catching fish. A guide who will be honest and upfront. A guide that won't herd you in and out like cattle. A guide that you and yours will fish with from now on. That's my guarantee to you." 

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"I know it's not easy trying to pick a Lake Texoma Striper guide when there are so many options available."


All of the websites are saying the same things, All of the prices are roughly the same.

They all show pictures of good catches and claim to be great!  It's a tough and expensive decision that could be the difference between a great outing for you, your friends, co-workers, and family. Or one that you just want to put behind  you. I take great pride in my business and my customer base. I love me clients and  put my heart and soul into every fishing trip. You're not a "number" to me. You're not "another day

at the office".  Last year my repeat customers alone made up 88% of my total business. Plain and simple. My customers don't go looking elsewhere. They fish with me time after time. Year after year. We establish relationships. We fish hard. And always have a fantastic time on the water!

Again. Thanks for checking out Crosswinds Striper Guide Service.

I try hard to give you current and up to date pictures of what we caught and a report for each day on the water.

It's real. I post the good and the bad. Just like it happens. For even more in depth pics and reports.

Feel free to visit my Crosswinds Guide Service Facebook Page and hit the "LIKE" button. After that,

You'll see what's going on almost instantly throughout each day!

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